Fragrant chicken for the New Year 2014-2015 baked in the oven. Recipe with a photo

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New Year and Christmas are getting closer and closer. Festive atmosphere and soars in the air, and this, undoubtedly, promotes a good mood. But, in addition to joy, the approach of New Year's and Christmas holidays is a period of great concern for the fair sex, since they already need to think about the future of the New Year's table because only traditional dishes can not be dispensed with. You need to present to your family a small surprise and please them with some original delicacies. In this you will be helped by our recipes for the New Year one of which we will present to you today.

So, we offer you an excellent recipe of a delicious New Year's hen . This dish will become a real decoration for your festive table . The presented recipe can be classified as a budget, since it does not require a large financial cost for the purchase of ingredients. This is quite profitable considering the amount of money that will have to be spent on New Year and Christmas. The hen in the "shell" of bacon with vegetables and fragrant herbs, baked in the oven, will turn out very juicy and will have a truly refined taste. Well, it will be unnecessary to talk about the aroma and appetizing form of this dish. Also, to give the hen a light smack of "haze", we recommend using smoked bacon.


bulb – 2 pieces

carrots – 2 pieces

parsley – 2 roots

celery root – 150 grams

garlic – 3 cloves

potatoes – 8 pieces (small)

chicken broth – 300 milliliters

dry white wine – 200 milliliters

Thyme – 1 branch

rosemary – 1 branch

chicken (medium size) – 1 piece

bacon – 5 thin long slices

salt – to taste

pepper – to taste

A fragrant chicken for the New Year baked in the oven. The recipe with the photo. How to prepare a dish:

1. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C (with upper and lower heating). Next, clean and cut into large pieces of onions. Then we clean celery, parsley, carrots, and also cut large pieces of vegetables. We clean and cut garlic. When this is done, go to the potatoes. It must also be washed and cleaned. All the prepared vegetables are laid out on a large frying pan, season with pepper, salt and pour chicken broth and wine. After that, we wash the herbs and relieve them of excessive moisture.

2. We pass directly to the hen. It must be thoroughly washed and dried using a kitchen towel or paper napkin. Next, chicken rubbed with salt and pepper, both inside and outside. After that, the chicken is covered with slices of bacon. Prepared for cooking, put the bird on top of the vegetables and bake in a preheated oven . The duration of the process will depend directly on the size of the bird, and will take approximately 45-60 minutes. During cooking, we recommend periodically watering the chicken with the resulting broth.

3. Cooked chicken is recommended to serve on a warm plate in combination with vegetables and sauce.

If you want to arrange a real holiday for your family, then use our helpful New Year's recipe. Carefully following the advice, you will prepare a juicy dish the taste qualities of which will be fully appreciated by all guests present at your festive table. In addition, thanks to the vegetables and herbs used in the cooking process, the New Year's hen is also a very useful treat. Do not miss the wonderful opportunity and be sure to cook this delicious dish!

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