Flowering velvet box with ribbon

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Hello there. I will tell you the rosary and testimonial box I work with you very much. The roses used in the test were worked with silk batik 25 mm ribbon. I used the burning technique in the roses. Three 3 cm 2-cm leaves formed the first fold. On the second floor 4 sheets of 3 cm were used and on the 3rd floor 5 sheets of 4 cm were used. For the middle seed part, 2 mm silk ribbons of 4 colors were used. You can find the video about these roses on my YouTube channel. Working with batik ribbons is quite enjoyable. The roses you work with are different from each other. You can use this smile that we made from the palace of prayer, from the cover of the table to the coffin, in all kinds of adornments. You can make leaves as large as you want with the technique of burning 25 mm silk green ribbon. Whether you want roses, you can reach me for the finished product from my profile.

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