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Very nice we made easy fiber making . Turkish video narration fıstıklı zikzak fiber construction videosu. I have seen this example on the shawl models and on the vest models . You can taste the models you like in the shawls and vests as fiber. For example, you can make baby blankets with checkerboard weave as blanket models . It would be amazing. If your children want to make special fiber models you can try making fish patterned fiber . Your boys and girls can dine in their favorite colors. Leaf fiber model and construction from hat models weft models blanket models are also woven. You can also use it for your kids or for yourself in vest models. In other words, you can use your favorite patterns in many knitted fabrics, like vests, blanket, etc.

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<h2> How to make a pistachio zigzag fiber </h2>
<p> <strong> A very nice project in </strong> k evaluation of the remaining houses. You can adjust the length as you like. <strong> A good example for a baby string blanket model </strong>. It's an easy model. You can set the peanut numbers as you like. Again, we can determine the number of peanuts we have made from the roots, depending on your own preference. You can reach the videodan from the beginning to the stage of zigzag fiber making. You can ask if there is any point you have. Good looking. </p>
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