Fistled Fan Triangle Shawl Model Making

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We prepared a wonderful example for you from the dowry shawl models. Felt fan triangular shawl model construction . The same shawl model will give you 3 schemes. The charts are the same at 3. You can use the scheme you want. And under the schemes you will find the narration of Turkish video. This shawl is very nice with angora. It is a simple and elegant model for those who want to knit. Coffee tones, candy pink tones also fit this example. You can use your favorite yarns. I am an angora simple iple ördüm. And I used 2.5 mm crochet. We are trying to give you the most recent shawl models and constructions that I like about you. I like this shawl very much and it looks very elegant when it is finished. You can set up the example you want as an edge. You can pean a few rows of spiders on your tips. Or you can use tassels. The choice is yours. You can easily sample knitting shawls by following models with video narrative . If you know a little knit you can easily do this shawl. You can use this model as a handbag. If you are looking for different models we have shared many examples of how to make bridal shoes . Crochet shawl models or shawl knit shawl models I do stretching instead of ironing when the knead is over. It's more beautiful. The knitting looks more smooth. We have already mentioned in detail the construction of lapping and shawl trimming before . You can use this technique in your braids.

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How to Make Ficulated Spiral Triangle Shawls

We have prepared three schemes for the construction of pistachio shawl models . All the schedules are the same. You can use the scheme you want. Let's give you the schematics first to make a fan-like fan triangular shawl model.

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<p> On the schematic, the long line of handrails represents the chain of circles, plus the needle frequently. Now let's go to the video of this elegant shawl. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Good looking. </p>
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