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We build a nice weft from the hairpin models model . To ourselves, our daughters, my mother, my sister … Anyone who wants. Loved ones. It's a delightful model. We used to make similar models using cardboard and ruler before. In a somewhat different way we are making hairpin weft making today. In previous models we used cardboard and rulers. Today we are doing with hairpin. If you can not find large companies like Videodaki, you can do it by bending the bottles in your area. With hairpin you can knit a lot of weaves. Crochets, needles, wristbands, blanketes, legs, blouses … You can use many weaves. You can make very beautiful samples with motifs with hairpin needle making . You can make a hairpin baby blanket construction . You can make beaded bracelets. Many recipes are available at Now we are starting to make weft models with new models of hairpins that we have.

How to make a hairpin weave pattern

The video tells how to do it from beginning to end. We have already shown how this technique was done in detail in many other models. Here we will refer to it as a video. This model is going to be made soon. Those who do not know will easily see that they are doing it easily by following the video. Video I do not understand something strange I seem to hear you say. I do not speak the language. I follow knitting videos by following their hands. You can do it.

Yarn used as a yarn in the style of nakal waltz. You can use ropes in similar features. You can choose the crochets that will be used as croche

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<p> Now, as well as hairpin models, weaving models are made. Good looking. </p>
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