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The vest model We are with the detailed video structure of the dash eyelash model you can apply any kind of weave from the model to the shawl model. Thanks to the video you will be able to learn the eyelash model without any difficulty. With the similarity of the construction The construction of the eyelash model which is very mixed with the Türkan Şoray Kirpiği model is almost the only difference in the construction of the loops. When thick and thin angora wool is preferred, if this knitting is left more comfortable by wrapping around the skins, this wonderful nickname eyelash model emerges.

False eyelash model construction:

The False Lash Model example is completed in 4th place. The number of stitches to be woven in the same loop is taken out and the next row is knitted flatly, but the loops are knotted and looped. In other words, it is knitted by wrapping around the skins. At the end, the new sample is set as 8 ll and 9 lu, with 1 loop between the samples.

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