Fabricated Waistcoat Made for Side

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We have all the details about the construction of the stocking vest this summer. Here you can find the recipe for a very comfortable knitted gauze made with knitting needles.

Materials Used:
Pink baby wool, number 3 knitting pliers, gray baby rope and button

Stock Footwear Description:

We start knitting the yelp from the front. We're twenty-five stitches. We also increase 15 stitches from 2 sides. The total number of loops will be 45. We increase the neckline collar 20 loops at a time. Now the number of our loops will be 65. We have 65 threads and 16 dental harps. To make the seat part of the yelet we cut 22 stitches and we make 3 teeth harşo. We increase the number of stitches by 22. We knit 16 dental harnesses. We cut 5 stitches for the nape of the navel and we knit 19 teeth. We increase the number of stitches by 5 and we knit 16 teeth harosa. The back of our porch is over. For the arm, we cut 22 pieces from the remainder and we make 3 tooth harosa. We increase the number of stitches by 22 and we cut 16 teeth for the front side. We cut 20 stitches for your side of the sea.

We leave 25 stitches, one by one, from the edges, with the stitches missing. We're opening one hole in the middle. We knit 10 dental harps and we open 2 more marrow. We finish 25 knitting with 15 dental harps.

Heart Composition

We are making two stitches. We increase the number of stitches from 2 sides until 26th. 26 of them are 13. We divide 13 by 2 pieces and we subtract them from the edges. Knit heart shed as a chain work with pink rope.

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