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We made the hairpin eyelash construction . We continue with the crochet model from hairpin example . Eyelash screaming with video narration with you. We can use the company in many places. It's not just crocodile models. For example, you can use cotton netting knitting patterns . We have already shared the picture of the hairpin hairpin weaving . Interested people can access from our previous scripts. You can use the bracelet construction . Beaded hairpin business bracelet construction is available between our previous releases. We can use it in shawl models. We can use it in vest models, blouse models. In needlework models too. Filae needle needle making needle models are waiting for you with different models between them. Now we are using the company to make lashes in crochet.

 Eyelash Score Production "width =" 300 "height =" 169 "/> </a> </p>
<h2> How to Make the Eyelash Scene? </h2>
<p> On the video with all the details of eyelashes made. You can leave a comment when you have no problems. I think that the lashes will be very stylish with the silver spirals. You do not think so. You can use this game in many places. <strong> You can use it as a margins model </strong>as a towel edge, as a writing edge. It's a very elegant piece. Another name of this play is also in some places <strong> as Türkan Þoray kýrpi kýyasý </strong>. I think this name is appropriate because lash eyelashes have stopped. Türkan Şoray's eyelashes are very beautiful. How many times have I watched your movies? We are playing our hair with hairpin. Then we add on the fabric we want to weave. I see how lashing is made. Good looking. </p>
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