Explicit Pseudo Rice Male Lattice Model Expression

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 I decided to make a model for men on intensive request from 

<p> <strong> <em> the looky liar male knitting model (7) "width =" 500 "height =" 300 " </em> </strong> I will tell you how to make the model in general, you can make the baklava slices as big as you want. </p>
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You can use it as a model alone, or you can put three models side by side. You can place auger on both sides of the model. I also shared his used pictures in several different ways to give an idea. One characteristic of the model is that the adjacent loops are interwoven. Thus, the straight loops will become more apparent in the reverse loops. I made it with 224 patterns. 10 stitch reverse bobbins 4 stitch flat stitches and 10 stitch reverse stitches again. The loops will be covered in the back. The reverse sides of the front loop will be woven exactly and twisted with straight loops. After we've done two tweaks, we'll start making my baklava slice. We will put the thread in front of your two flat laces into the back of my slice. The thread we knit two threads straight and we get in is always the opposite. Then we will take the thread coming from the other two straight loops into the back of my back and straighten those three loops. The model will only change on the front face. In this way, we will put some of the threads on the side of my slice back into the model. This time, when we turn off the model, we will take the loops in my tongue out one behind the other and invert. You will be surprised to see the model of the Needle Needle .  twisted brass male knit pattern (10) "width =" 500 "height =" 333 "/> <img class=

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