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Water bottles, shoes, laptops,  and staplers; there are a lot of things which we use on a day to day basis, but are we making the excellent use of them? Well, maybe not. Yes, not because we’re not using all of these things to their best. All of these products and many other like these are created by the manufacturer with much love and care, to make sure that you never face any issue while using them. However, precisely opposite happens, and we ignore those little things which could add a little ease in our lives.

So while you didn’t bother to think about the items you use every day, we did; and found some hidden features in them that’d make them interesting again and more useful.

Have a look!

#15 Plastic cover inside bottle caps.

Well, you can find plastic cover inside caps of all the carbonated beverage bottles. They’re put in there to keep the liquid intact and stop gas from evaporating.

#14 A small hole in padlocks.

The very first feature of this hole is not to let water accumulate, or the metal will start rusting from inside. Secondly, it stops lock from freezing during the winters and thirdly, you can also pour a couple of drops of oil if the bolts inside start to jam.

#13 Hole on a vacuum cleaner.

These holes are used to reduce the suction power of vacuum cleaner. For instance, when you’re vacuum cleaning curtains then you may not want them you get inside the tube; and that time you can let open these holes and prevent that. Secondly, it also stops the machine from overheating.

#12 Mode controller in plastic windows.

Plastic windows come handy in all seasons because of this mode controller. It can be changed as per the weather outside.

#11 Hole and a design at the tip of metertape.

Well, those teeth of the meter tape can be used to make a mark on the wall or any object, without wasting your time to look for a pencil and you may use that hole to screw something.

#10 Bump on F and J keys in keyboard.

Well, these bumps are nothing but a way to assist people who’re addicted to type while looking at the screen and not the keyboard. It helps them place their finger correctly.

#09 Holes in Chupa Chups Sticks.

It’s simple, when caramel is hot it flows through the hole and when finally it freezes the candy is tightly held onto the stick.

#08 Embossed cotton.

While most people are unaware of different sides of the cotton, the embossed side is used for applying the makeup, while the clear side is used for removing it.

#07 Details on stapler.

Well, the small plate on a stapler which bends the staple can be turned 180% to changed the size if you fasten the sheet temporarily. All staplers may not have this facility.

#06 Foam rubber on a microphone.

You might have noticed that there’s always a foam cover on a microphone, and they’re not a decoration. These foam control the throw of your voice and howling air from entering the other side. It makes the sound more clear and audible.

#05 Tabs on your shoes.

They have many uses, and one of them is to tie your shoelaces if you want to experiment high-lace shoes. Also, you can hang your boots using these tabs after washing them.

Cover image by Kevin Spencer

#04 Thick cylindrical shape on laptop and smartphone chargers.

The cylindrical shapes are ferrite cores or chokes and they’re a chunk of magnetic iron oxide which is there to control the high electromagnetic interference.

#03 A small hole near a camera on iPhone.

Well, it’s a microphone. It records sound when you’re using a camera.

#02 Some screwdrivers.

To get more torque, some screwdriver supports the use of wrenches over them. It also comes handy when you use the screwdriver at an awkward angle.

#01 Hole at the end of pot handles.

Well, do I need to define the purpose of that hole now?

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That’s all, folks!

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