Easy Transfer with Glue and Paper

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Easy transfer with glue and paper applied on the flower watering can. At the same time, the work of refreshing a wonderful antiquity.
If you have a garden and a balcony, I think that you had flowers. Of course, it is also possible to fill plastic water bottles and irrigate flowers, but would not it be much nicer with a "flower-like" irrigation cannel to suit your taste? You can also display it as a decorative object next to flowers.

I tried to pass on what the blog owner told me when the slice came back.

Easy transfer with glue and paper

Aside from those who say that I am going to renew the already existing vessel, I am squeezed from the old, I like this work very much and I must do firstly to obtain a flower irrigation can. You can also get an ugly and cheap one to renew ourselves.

First of all, he works as a painter with spray paint and mint green by removing the chamomile on the irrigation can. Three layers of painting were done by waiting between the floors.

Patterned scrapbook papers were used for the coating. Because the flower irrigation door has a recessed structure, you will need to remove the template of the irrigation cabinet first with pages of magazines or newspapers, so that you will do the actual coating.

We are taking shape by placing water properly on the door. Then we cut our scrapbook paper in accordance with the copy.

In this study, the classically bright Mod Podge was used with glamor. Once we have the glue on the surface, we are carefully beginning to glue our jigsaw papers onto the watering can.
In order to avoid air bubbles during the bonding process, you can go through the paper with a hard surface like a credit card. Already this is the part that needs the mastery of this work. Note that the indentation protrudes and presses over to prevent air bubbles from sticking to the surface. After a careful bonding step the work is finished.

Do not you think it was not very elegant? I personally love this watering can. I can use jigsaw papers, I do not need to have scrapbook paper. In this work you can also give a polished look without varnishing.

You can also click on the link if you want to see the operation of water tank refurbishment by easy transfer with glue and paper from its source. Come easy.


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