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Easy pillowcase planting description.
If you are a lot of pillow-lovers of different sizes and designs, you will enjoy the work of this pillowcase which you can easily tweak in 20 minutes. You need a few things to start building the pantyhose that anyone with a sewing machine can do.

Materials needed to sew pillow case;
Sewing machine
Button (not required)

Sewing machine
Sewing machine

First of course, of course you need to calculate the size of your pillow.
We can give a simple formula:
length; width of the pillow x 2 + 7.5 cm
width; pillow width + 2.5 cm

Easy pillow case stitching

According to the account we have given above, if we have a 50 cm pillow width, the length should be 107.5 cm and the width should be 52.5 cm.
For short edges, we cut an extra 2.5 cm. we fold it in half and we match the parts we pass to the machine in such a way as to look at each other and we just trim their edges so that it is open. So we actually built a cover.
We turn the lid out of the right side and put the cushion in it and close the other lid. Your pillowcase is ready. You can easily remove and wash the case when you want.

You will put the fabric into the pillow according to the measurements of the pillow

You are machine stitching on short edges

You're still stitching on the edges so that you can fold it in half and leave it open like a window

You turn the fabric on the floor and put the pillow in the window

You can also close the window and add a tiny button

You can fill your entire house with colorful cushions, while the wash is easy, the fitting is easy to take out, and indeed you can not take your pace once you have done it in a very short period of time. : 1em; max-height: 1em; "/>

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