Dowry Bridal Yelly Making and Knitting Bridal Yelekleri Album

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Dear ladies are very nice I am sharing with you the construction of the dowry bride mare today. For example, it looks like a gorgeous vest with his tires.

I also pictured 60 very stylish dowry vest examples for purposes of thought. You can examine it and look at it from the inside looking at the picture.

It is time for me to knit ladies' vest, like a mother's mare, bride's mare, with plenty of pills.

The vest made by the lady of the sheriff's detailed video description is suitable for 38 sizes. The front part 107 and the rear part are formed as 187 stitches. The front parts are set on 4 models and the rear part is set on 8 models.

The main model is 11 stitches and 9 stitches are intermediate models. Instead of the tire, a new 3 stitches are taken out of the 3 stitches and the model is woven. At the top of the yelin, the tire continues as an intermediate model. Both the tire and the intermediate model are the same when it comes to a pretty good result. This model is made of 3 sizes of bottles with alize angora gold. 2 ropes were gone.

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<p> <strong> The Chowdhury Bride's Yelly Made Videosu </strong> <br /> <iframe src=

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