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Ways to Become Happy by Reducing Stress – 180 Seconds

1. Wake up 15 minutes before your usual wake-up time. People who are early are happier. 2. Prepare for the morning before you go to bed: tomorrow 's clothes, maybe the food you will take to work … 3. Do not try to get in tight clothes. Dress casually. 4. Do not trust chemical drugs,...


Why are we sneezing? – 180 Seconds

Sneezing is a sudden, unintentional, audible breathing from the mouth and back. Sneezing is a psychological reaction that results in the induction of nerves in the nasal passages. In fact, our nose does a very important job when we breathe. As the air passes through its narrow channels by creating turbulence, both the heat is...


Why is not our hair whitening? – 180 Seconds

In fact, it is nothing but a hairy, a hollow tube in the middle of which is called a melanin. At a young age there is a liquid that keeps the melanin together in this space. As we get older, our skin can not produce our hair and other hair in our body as healthy...