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Ladies involved in knitting models click on it now to be informed about knitting heart making ! Especially for housewives, knitting and making designs with different models is a hobby. The ladies, who are interested in knitting, use their creativity to make samples of each other again with beautiful models. In the Internet world, it can be said that these models are exhibited and that there are many knitting models. One of them is confronted as a knitted heart.

Where is the knitted heart used?

Both pillows, blankets, hats and many other areas can be used to make knitted heart . Flower bouquets can be made with braided hearts and these bouquets put on vases in the dining tables. You can use these models in your keys that you reveal by giving your own effort by making key rings.

You can get some elegant beret models by adding this accessory to your knitted hats. You can also use heart braids on blankets made especially for baby girls. You can still benefit from these accessories when you are using bandages for girls.

It is possible to design highly elegant samples by making use of knitted heart models which provide bag making, knitting vests, neck horses, gloves and many other accessory accessories.

Knitting Heart Making

With the help of a crochet, you can easily perform the heart. The use of crochet # 3 is recommended when making heart braids. The rope wraps around the fingers and starts with a ring. Then the chain is pulled and a banister is made. These rings are filled with rings. In the first railing production, 2 chains are made in 3 other railing productions.

In the last part of the ring, there are also three chain railings. Thus knitting is made of heart . If you want to make a braided heart in large sizes, it is advisable to make calculations accordingly. Dilersen can also build these hearts into small pieces and go to the technique of adding them together.

It is essential to use this technique especially for blankets. As another example, you can reveal beautiful samples called "amigurumi" which means "packed toy". You can make accessories for your kids' toys with knitting hearts and you can create a space for them by directing your children to it

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