Cross-Lattice Modeling Videotaping Lecture

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From the different knitting models, the present-day expression is the making of the cross knitting model. It is a very popular example that is woven with knitting needles with video narration.

Cross weave model is very popular knitting models. With this weave made with swollen work, you can make vests, wool, hairs and berries. If you want to make more different knittings, you can learn how to make a knitting technique that you can use on our site.

The area where the crosshatch model is used is very wide. It is used in the construction of women's braids, children's braids, men's braids and baby braids

Cross Dresser Dealers

  • Beren
  • Vest
  • Cardigan
  • Weft
  • Jumpers
  • Cossack
  • Blanket

The above are the examples made with this knitting technique. A model for those who dominate the skate business, after they watch the video below. The cross braid is shared with videos to better understand the structure.

If you are looking for knitting technique to make winter knits, you are in the right place. We have included and continue to build hundreds of knitting models, such as the cross-knit model. If you like cross-streaming videos we share, do not forget to share them in your social media accounts.

First we look at a few examples made with the example of a cross weave. When examining the examples you will think that I should do it already. After reviewing the cross-hatching models, we have videos right below. This video also contains all the details about knitting.



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