Crochet Work Women's Vest Pancho Production

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crochet work vest poncho model-tile8 "width =" 500 "height =" 300 "/> beloved ladies sport stylish model sevenler per screen

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You will need 900 grams for this model that can be worn both on the house and outside,

Since no collar or seat cut is made, even a beginner can easily learn a model. You can also use this model in baby blanket construction. First you will have two long pieces in a rectangular shape and one more piece twice as wide as these two pieces. Later on the sides and front of the tire to be done. The button model used instead of the stitches on the side has set a ready look. The number and model are described by the channel of the hobimmune auditorium. You can visit the cuteest 78 baby mare by clicking on the link.  cowhide vest poncho model.png2 "width =" 380 "height =" 383 "/> 

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