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Crochet knitting models We used to make crochet rubber making videosu. Beret models nde, knit cardigans models We will talk about making crochet tires before starting models like nde, weft, vest. You can determine the length of your stretch according to the width you will be wearing. You can also use the crochet in the rubber booties model . You can also use it in blankets. According to the model you will use, you can use it in your knitting by specifying the area you will use. 3D crochet hat construction You can use the tire as a starting point. As in many hat models. Crochet baby skirt models expressive You can also tire in the waist part of the example. In the example of a simple crochet vest with motif the rubber knitted fabric was knitted again before starting the pattern. You can now use the model we will share. That is to say, you can make crochet tires where necessary in all your knitted fabrics.

Crochet With Rubber

We made crochet tire construction. When you are doing your crochet business, do not think about how you can handle the tire. Come to think about how the rubber is woven. We have prepared a stylish example that you will use in your braids. You can use it more in shackles. Croissant dowry vest models you can sample from this tire before you set up the sample. To make the tire, we first take the chain. Later on we start to knit tire by making 2 lan bands on the chain. I see how crochet tires are made with all the details. Good looking.






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