Conversion of egg bank into photo frame

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You can make frames of your photos with the photo frame making project from the eggshell. It is very easy to make photo frames with egg cartons.

Are you throwing away the eggs? After seeing this project, you will be sorry for the eggs you threw away. Egg cartons and framing projects are very nice to the ears, do not they? After seeing the photo frame that Aysel Ozkan has done, you will come up with the idea of ​​framing your frame.

Flowers are made before the eggshell. Then the photo is pasted on a cardboard or wood. If you have flowers you can paint the color you want. You will be putting these flowers in a very cute frame around the photo.

Framework construction from the egg bank

With regard to the evaluation of the egg cartons you can make candle holders, mirror decorations, children's room decorations, children's toys, flowers, roses and kids masks from egg cartons.You can find egg carton recycling projects from the internet.You will add these projects to my handicapper site over time.Don't throw away egg cartons in your home At least you can make funny toys for your children by evaluating your own

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