Construction of a baby mare for 0-6 months

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What do you think about knitting a nice vest model together for 0-6 month old babies? In this post, where all the details take place, you can learn how to make baby mules.

After 3 – 6 Month Baby Arrangement we now share the knitting vest construction pattern for 0-6 month old babies. You can get to all of the construction steps below from this example, which we have taken from the Bebe Braid Separation page. Click on here for more expressive vests.

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<p> My verse will be for 0-6 months. I will use Alize Happy baby rope, 3 buttons and 4 skewers. You can use it at 3:30 according to your hand. Let's get ready for the skulls and skewers I hope to begin </p>
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In front of our verse, we have 17 loops 6 harosa – 5 flat – 6 harosa, we have 4 rows of harsoza, we knit all three rows of harsoza and we rewire the model. In this way we will make a 9cm wedge and raise the collar and armpit.

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<p> After knitting the 9cm model, we increase 12 loops from the collar – 3 loops under the armpit and complete 32 loops ? and continue to knit the model. We knit two harps and open our first one. After 13 stitches, we open the second one and then the third one after 13 stitches. After the 12 cm model is knocked out, we finish a front of our 4 cm 2-side-2 reverse veneer. </p>
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