Bowl Knitting Model Video Lecture

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Today I will share with you the makeup of the ribbon braided pattern. An example you can use in berets, scarves, vests and even blankets.

We share a knitting model that you can use to do a lot of things. The name of our knitting model is the bows model. You can also call it a ribbons pattern, which is a twill pattern. Whether it is a weave or a weft, you can also use it when you make a blanket. The skewer is an example that is easy to work with.

Knitting Bowl Example

The Knitting Bowl Example "width =" 650 "height =" 463 "class =" size-

According to some people, weaving is a very difficult task, and for some people it is so simple that when they see a sample they can do it right away.After seeing the example, they can immediately remove them and make the desired wovens.We are looking for both newbie knitters and master knitters Especially in the case of skewers, the ladies have a bit more difficulty, they say it is complicated, but they can learn how to make the narration videos until the end, but if you watch and close the video halfway, you can not learn the exact mesh. You can also watch these videos to the end.

Now, we are going to show you how to make a knitting pattern. we have to do a few things we will do: we will throw our loops in the form of 20 and 20. We start from the opposite side of the first line of our model, we make 3 flat knits, then we will continue until the last 2 flat 2 reverse. 2 is created on the reverse side, but the edges are slightly different, we will make a ribbing every 6th to set up the model, but the ribbons are made opposite to each other, that is to say crosswise

Bowl Knitting Model Construction

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