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I will tell you how to make a black writing board today dear 10marifet! Especially in recent years I see so many of them. In homes, offices, stores … Especially great for kitchen decorations and study rooms. I said I had to do it myself, and I started to do stuff and finish it.

Construction of a blackboard

What I use:

Ancient pink color paint, white gold color paint, white matte paint, spray blackboard paint, varnish, jigsaw puzzle, letter stitched, jigsaw paper, scissors, ruler, tape, ponpon brush, sponge brush, fine-tipped brush and natural that the wooden frame.

I started by removing the inside of the wooden frame and painting the outside of the frame. I have painted 3 layers of whitewash. When I drink it, I will paint the back side of the room for the first time.
I used Cadence as paint, and sponge and chewing brush as brush, and I waited for drying between the floors.

I will glue the patterns for the jigsaw puzzle.

I also painted blackboard paint and the inner face of the frame. I used Art Deco matt spray blackboard paint and applied 3 layers of spreyi.

I rinsed thoroughly before using the spray blackboard paint. The air in them breaks apart as the paint stays. If we do not shake it again, the paint will be scarce and unbalanced.

We hold the black wood paint in a steep state that we will spray on the surface, tightening it at this distance. I constantly moved when I sprayed the paint. Otherwise I would paint them dripping in the place I painted, which I would never want  :) "class =" lazy "- style =" height: 1em; max-height: 1em; "/> </p>
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