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We have already talked about this technique in different projects. We now have a fabulous bead embroidered box making model. Step by step, we will try to convey to you how you are pictured. Very very very nice work. You can use it in other areas without getting an idea. We have previously made bead cuffs with this technique. You do it by sewing one piece of colored beads that you like on the felt or leather. You can also use different materials besides beads. You can use teller, tulle, feather, various beads, stones, buttons, fabrics. Again with the same technique we made a dragonfly brooch made of sand beads . We selected handmade brooch models by selecting beads in shades of green and gray. It is possible to see more models on our site. You can also do this technique on bead processing . You can use this technique in many places. You can make a model from the box card and decorate it with beads in this way. You can make a heart-shaped box and then apply it to the felt or bead on the leather and stick it on the box by following the steps in the picture. You can decorate the boxes in your hand with this technique. We will soon be going through the process of making beads.

How to make Bead Embroidered Box

Hand labor is a study of eye nuru. The beads are sewn one by one. We design the pattern first. We then make the beads and ornaments we choose and make the box in the picture. We are making the most beautiful box samples from beads processing models. You can make boxes, brooches with beading technique on fabric. Here is a list of materials for making beaded boxes. Materials, such as scales, beads, wire worms, wire, glue are required according to the pattern you will process.

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<p> We then determine the patterns we want to process and transfer them onto felt or leather. </p>
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<p> And we start to process the beads by following the steps below. </p>
<p> We processed the fabric with beads. Now <strong> is the time of box covering models </strong>. </p>
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<p> And the box is ready. It was magnificent. I fainted. </p>
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