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We prepared handbag slippers models decorated with beads . In the colors you like, you can decorate with your favorite beads and lacework base slippers ni. Tell you to apply it from us. Construction of house tiles is described in the video with all the details. You can ask if there is any point you have. You can also use pearls or different beads for the stone bootie . According to the color you will be preparing, you can decorate the patio by preparing colorful beads. Patik models We are trying to share the latest models, days samples with you. We take care to make sure everyone has a video or a detailed narration to be trained. Positive comments from you make us very happy. And it makes our work more hugely, with careful hugging. The patik models are made of tunic business patik and their varieties are also very woven. We talk about varieties from time to time. Shit knit patty models We have samples in the callers. Stretch knitting easy bootie very beautiful model. You can put any sample you like, like a hair braid, auger models. Next there is a slipper made with crochet.

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<h2> Expressive Crochet Work Slippers Production </h2>
<p> A model adorned with pearls and lace. You can wear it with your thongs. You can also use them if you have different features that you like. You can use 2 felts for the base. For a more moldy look. We use felt for the base. We trim the edges and make <strong> felt slippers </strong> base. Note that the numbers are the same. Then we start to knit like the patio video. And we decorate it like we want. Good looking. </p>
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