Baklava Slice Fistled Shawl Construction

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We continue to prepare the finest shawl models and constructions . We prepared a very nice sample. Video narration. Festive shawl models Seven people will love this example. You can add pearls on peanuts while you are wearing it. Baklava-sliced ​​pistachio shawls. You can sculpt with angora spirals, silver spirals, scaly spirals, whatever you like. We are trying to prepare all the do-it-yourself projects on shawl models and other hobbies in detail. In the days we passed, we had another pistachio shawl pattern. Felt fan triangular shawl model construction . It's a beautiful model. When it is finished, it is very stylish, and it stands still. You can use it as a gift. A great example for dowry. Recently vest models we have a shawl sample that we have seen in both the nude and fiber models. Construction of samples of Derya Baykal crochet shawls . You can use the shawl model as a vest and fiber models as well. Now you can share your vest models with the model we will share.

How to Make a Baklava Sliced ​​Fountain Shawl

Baklava slice is described from the beginning to the end of the pistachio shawl. You can ask if there is any point you have. An elegant example of what you can do as a dowry shawl model. Dilersen can also be used as summer blanket models. Now I can see how this elegant shawl model is made with all the details. Good looking.






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