And sho, there will be no kin, yes?

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          I want to share a lecture by a clinical pharmacologist about our popular antiviral drugs. To begin with, the clinical trials of new drugs on children in our country are prohibited, but! Probably all of you have noticed that as soon as a new drug appears in the apotheke, pediatricians (not all, but many) begin the prescription of the drug, and then look, whether it helped … This is me about the trials (everybody understood). Now strictly according to the facts.


          My 16-year-old brother got a girl. And I quite accidentally overheard their conversation. The brother gathered for his visit to visit and my husband gives him instructions. Husband – "If you come to her house immediately ask for a toilet, do not be shy." And then look under the lid of the toilet, if you find out yourself you know what, then boldly dump off the slut and erase her phone number. "


          Six months ago, very few people knew about the existence of such sites, but now almost everyone knows that a profitable purchase can be made through the Internet, with a minimum of effort and ultimately rejoice at a good result and cheap prices. My husband and I settled there last November. Since my husband works in the field of computer equipment and equipment, they began with this.


          Dear mothers, I really want to hear your experience – how do you experience child ingratitude. Although the nursery can not be said – a child of 16 years. I can not say that she is spoiled for excesses, expensive things are given mainly for big holidays or you have to deserve it. I want to share a few situations – this is the edge, boiling, so I react very painfully.



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