And now, ladies, whose husband is a gerontophile, confess! )))

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          Here I have – gernotofil, yeah. Younger than me for 8 years. And I was tortured by a little boy in his 23rd year. And I'm still not ashamed We live here, my daughter got a fortune. And most importantly – this is the most adult person who only met in my life,
(despite the previous fairly long relationship with a difference of 3 and 4 years (I was younger).

My family and friends are completely calm about this difference, most often they do not notice it, or there are such friendly picks. My friend's husband is calling my husband "our young friend."

Well, we are not the only pervert, are we?

Perhaps I'll add the poll, for statistics

P. C. And I'm a harmful woman and for the opinion expressed in a rude form, I will immediately send to the emergency 🙂


Do you have a difference in age with your husband?


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