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What do you think of a tiny sleeping friend? This amigurumi bear is a child's favorite sleeping buddy. Our ingenious friend @ BIDUNYAKUZUCUK has translated this beautiful knitting toy scheme and made it available to anyone who wants to. We also share with pleasure, thank you also. Actually it seems to be beautifully explained on the diagrams, but let us also transfer it as text here:

Let's first see the abbreviations of the terms used in the amigurumi descriptions:

Amigurumi term abbreviations:

Chain = O
Stitch shift = C
Stitch needle = X
Rear stitch needle (Only the rear stitch) = X
Increase (2 stitches on one stitch) = V
Increase Decrease (1 needle from 2 loops) = A
Decrease (1 needle from 3 loops) = M
Double Trabzan = T
Double Trabzan = F

How to make Amigurumi knitting teddy bear? Stated expression:


  1. We start by injecting 6 times into the magic ring.
  2. We are making 6 increments and we are going to 12 digits.
  3. We are doing 6 times 1 back needle, 1 raise to get to 18 branches

You can do this by reading through the top visual fiddle. Then we go down the body and other parts.

Body and arms:

The top of the body and arms is just above the visual. Let's start to read:

  1. We start by injecting 6 times into the magic ring.
  2. We increase to 12 by 6 increments.
  3. We are doing 6 times 1 back needle, 1 raise to get to 18 branches

We continue reading in the same way. We fill the body with stiffened fibers. We leave room for stitching and cut.

The system looks the same for the arms. Anyway, this is the beginning of many amigurumi you see in the toy. The arms are also being sprinkled. We leave room for sewing again.

Legs, Tails, Ears and Shoes:

We see the recipe of how to take the legs of our bear (we make 2), the tail, the ears (again 2) and the shoes (of course 2) in the diagram above. We fill the legs and tail again and leave room for the suture. We do not fill the shoes and ears. We process the X mark under the V shape we made in front of the shoe. We decorate the sides of the 12th and 16th lines by folding outward and sewing them down.

Since the last line of your shoe does not fit, the shoe recipe is repeating right below. We go to his hat from behind.

Bed hat:

The bedspawn we started with the same method, the number one accessory of our knitter. Very enjoyable. We finish and play pom-pom, it gets more ornate.

Fusion of parts:

In the diagram above, we learn to combine the parts of our knitwear:

  1. We smack the head right in the center of the body
  2. We combine the legs from under the torso by sewing between the 4th and 6th seats.
  3. We sew the arms between the 2nd and 3rd seams, which are woven with blue at the top of the torso.
  4. We set the ears between the 3rd and 10th lines of the head
  5. We tail from the bottom of the body to the 5th and 7th lines.
  6. We work with the head of the brown rope in the 12th line of the head
  7. Our eyes are in the middle of the 11th and 12th lines of the head with black rope. We leave 10 needle spaces between them.
  8. We are wearing the shoes and the hat sewn.

Our ingenious friend used Lanoso Alara as a rope. It's made of 2.5 crochet. The height was 23 cm.

We thank you for this beautiful recipe. We recommend that you follow absolutely as it is a great Instagram page:

@bidunyakuzuk Instagram account

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