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Amigurumi has been in love lately, has not it? I started making amigurumi about 10 months ago. I already knew how to use crochet. I used baby blanket as a hobby for 2-3. While I was searching for videos of blankets on Youtube, I ran into ambitious babies. I tried to try and a mini-minnak rabbit knit. It was so enjoyable to knit. He did not stop behind him. That day I'm wearing this day. You can see my Instagram page .

Let's not go too far. One year ago, I thought that I would have a page like this, that I would make sales, or even prepare my own design and sell the pattern on it. But now I am preparing my own recipes, "patterns". I will introduce a little pattern to you. ? "src =" data: image / gif; base64, R0lGODdhAQABAPAAAP However, since they allow me to share my writing first and give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to larger masses /// wAAACwAAAAAAQABAEACAkQBADs = "data-lazy-type =" image "data-lazy-src =" "class =" lazy-hidden CToWUd "/>

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Ponchikella Autumn Pattern

For those who want to knit;

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