Accordion Keychain Making – Videotaping with Origami

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Accordion keyring construction is among the most curious topics lately. It can be seen as an application which is quite nice to make keyring with paper origami artificial paper and use it in daily life. Many people are wondering how to make origami accent keychain wondering about these applications, which are highly valued both for the development of handcraft competence and for having many different colorful key holders in everyday life. For this reason, it is very important and simple operation to make these keychains combined with origami art.  Accordion Keychain "width =" 507 "height =" 507 "/> </a> </p>
<p> In this way,</p>
<h2> <strong> Requirements for Origami Accordion keyring <a href=  Accordion Keyring "width =" 618 "height =" 554 "/> </a> </strong> </h2>
<p> For these processes which do not want too much material, it is first necessary to have colored A4 paper. If there are two different colors, a more visually beautiful appearance can be obtained. In addition, scissors and glue are among the necessary materials. The head of the keychain will be the last to be added after the process is finished. This ranking is very important. </p>
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Origami Accordion Keyring  Accordion Keyring "width =" 510 "height =" 287 "/> </a> </strong> </h2>
<p> The keychain is a very used and very frequent replacement. For this reason, the handmade keyrings are designed to be both tasteful and a person's share of providing a stylish look. Making the keyrings of the accordion that will be done with the art of Origami is a very difficult process. <br /> <iframe src=
First, 14 pieces of 0.5 cm wide and 40 cm long pieces of paper are cut for processing. If the 14 sheets are cut in two different colors in a tween, a better visual image can be obtained. Then both pieces are taken apart and folded in half. One of these pieces of paper passes over the other. The overturning takes place on the top again, with the other color topping it up, and once in every battle there is definitely a situation of passing through each other. This continues until the paper reaches a state where it is not folded. This event is repeated seven times. Repeated 7 times by gluing the paper to the tip. The product is obtained by attaching the key head to the key which is very flexible and easily curled.

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