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While winter bears arrive and the colds begin to show themselves, how do you do with a snow mask, which is one of the best ways to protect yourself from coldness? How to knit snow berry I am beginning to tell right away.

How to Knit Snow Beret Video Expression

Used Materials

Medium thick cream wool.

Medium thick gray wool.

Let's start with the loop and continue with the reverse weave of 4 straight 2.

6 rows

We are going to be 10 cm in length with gray rope and 4 flat ropes, take a double rope and cut it in 3 rows and 3 flat ropes in reverse

I would like to be 7cm gray, so we will continue to cut the ground again by cutting 3 flat2 level translator and 2 inverted 2 flat until we get to 7 cm.

18 rows of stitches in the middle of the front and back and going in and out. ] 4 rows of gray 4 rows of cream 4 rows of gray 4 rows of cream 4 rows of gray foreheads for pre-bleaching and stitching

Let's start cutting to 13 cm 1 straight 1 reverse cut 1 straight 1 reverse 1 straight 1 reverse until the end of the row

One more sequence by knitting a straight line 1.

2 straight sections 1 inverted 2 straight sections 1 reverse run 1 inverted 1

Let's fold in the front bands and place it on top button stitching.

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