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You might have seen this model of Women's Vest this year. 9 The honeycomb knitting model video is also great with the modeling of the Turkish-language model

You can make Motifs bigger if you want, like 4-6 instead of 3 rows. In between the flat model as the stitch and the sequined 9 Honeycomb weaves make wonderful models.


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Today You can reach the model for the Ladies Boat made with the Cloaked Patik model . In this model for weft weaving can be arranged in 2 rows side by side. I think for the fronts of the vest, it is also very stylish with 3 rows in between 3 rows.

If you want to skip it all, you only need Vest at the front and back skirts. At the same time Knit Fisherman with this model is getting supercomputer in the men's sweatshirt

9 Petekli Örgü Videosu

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