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Construction of a Tig Resident with Cicek Model with Multi-

Click on the crochet multi-armed flower pattern making recipes now! Flower patterns made with crochet are usually made up of small pieces. These pieces, which can be used on towel edges or on different items, are examples of motifs which are usual

However, ladies try different knitting techniques and continue to exhibit their creativity. Multicolored flowers with different motifs and motifs that are unusual are also highly interested in their use. From towel edges to fridge ornaments, from clothes accessories to bag accessories, they find many possibilities to use the field.

Multi-armed Flower Modeling

Firstly there are some materials that need to be supplied. If you do not have your hands, it is useful for you to get the materials you need before you start work. For the construction of the multi-armed flower pattern serum rings need to be twenty-two crochet and rope in the desired colors.

Following the preparation of all these requirements, there is a need to start modeling in order. There are 25 3-way banisters around the serum rings. The first row is completed with the construction of 3-lan handrails. The second row starts with a different color. For the second row, five-way railings are made.

Three chains are pulled and three 3-way handrails are made inside the ring socket. The remaining part must be filled with the use of 8 common needle techniques. This model is a 14-spoke flower motif. The triple rafters made in the first stage appear as craters on the tip of the arms.

Where to Use Multi-armed Flower Motifs

You can easily use this model on the edges of the towel. You can, however, design the fridge as an ornament. The construction of a multi-armed flower model seems difficult at first glance, but when it is actually started and the right techniques are applied, it will soon become styled and gradually begin to show its shape.

You can also use your children to make booties, sweaters, vests and bags. Especially as a bag accessory, it is a perfect motif to be loved by girls. You can use your creativity and put out extra multi-armed flower models.

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