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The construction of Yan Beret Model

Dear ladies this time I share the for the very handy ladies

It is both easy to make and very handy for the winter months. Especially long hair and young girls in the hair can put this bereyi wearing hair into the

Maternal work has made its channel structure detailed in video and written description.
Materials Used

4.5 Number skewer

Medium thick wool

5.5 Number skewer

Bee Making

26 Let's take a break and 8 harosa 10 straight 8 harosa flat part 10 rows.

Let's do it with our five loops, five loops and twist.

Let's make a twist in every 14th place and there will be a total of 9 twists.

Let's take 68 stitches from our band and run up to 1 star in 1 reverse.

Let's start with Thessalonica knitting, then continue to knit from the bottom of 1 reverse or 1 flat.

Thirty-two rows of 20 cm thorny sections totaling 31 cm in length and 1 row 1 inverse 1 flat, then flattened and cut and stitched loops in a way to stay on top.

Width = "500" height = "300" />

 burgulous-selanik-yan-berere-modeli-yapilisi "width =

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The construction of the Yan Beret model in Burguus Thessaloniki [

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