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The construction of Yanbere in Thessaloniki,

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bellied selanik side bere made by young ladies want to do immediately I would recommend you to choose a little thick rope, knit with a bloom of 4.5, you should choose a rope and a little thicker to keep it a bit flexible.

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First the front part of the band is made. 29 loops are made in the band. The edges of the band part are used for 10 stitches and 8 stitches for auger. When the tape is finished, the stencil part will be made from one side of the stitch. Sevgi lady has already explained in detail how this beautiful bereyi will do. I just shared the production of Hello kttiy patik . Those who are looking for a booty model for babies can look at their narrative.  bellied selanik side bere made "width =" 500 "height =" 376 "/> </p>
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