3D Embossed Baklava Slice Model Construction

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You can use a two-faced model with a 3D embossed diamond shape. There is another stylish model that we share the structure with narration in Turkish language.

The 3D mesh models have a lot of confusion. There are 3D knitting models which are used in all knitting. This model is not made of crochet, as it is the case of 3D Brick Pattern Mesh Model . The 3D embossed baklava slice model is made with bouillons.

3D Embossed Baklava Slicer Model

Double-sided doll

3D Embossed Baklava Slice Model

Double-sided doll If you want to make a blanket, you can use a 3D pattern and you can also make a stylish beret and weft suit, but if you want to use it, you can put it on your baby's vest and on the rubber. Let's first give a few tips on how to make the motif

Model 9 + 1 is formed in the form of 1o. If you put 2 more stitches on the edges, it looks more elegant. We have 1 flat knit after we have received the fringe. At the beginning of the model we have 1 reverse weave. After that we make 9 straight and then we complete 1 reverse 9 straight lines.

2. We take the side thread and put the reverse thread into it and get it from the lower side instead of the straight thread, and we take 1 stitch and we make 2 stitches. We are making these 2 loops in the edges.

3D Embossed Baklava Slice Example Construction

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