2 Year Old Male Baby Ancestor

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The knitting models, which are of interest to many women, come to this day with construction of an ancestor maid for male infants. More than one weave models from the past to the present day can be fashionable from time to time and are often preferred over that period.

It is also highly probable that weave patterns are called timeless fashion. Although ready-made clothes for infants are bought, it is more enjoyable to prepare clothes for babies before they are born or after they are born. The construction of horse mackerel is also an example of knitting models.

Construction of the Ata Yelegi

It is a period when children of 2 age are no longer making their own decisions and even when 2 syndromes start to show themselves when children are intervened in this matter. In order to make this decision easier, it is often necessary to ask the children to ask their own ideas or to direct their children to their own ideas so that the 2 year olds can make their own decisions

Children open and select the closet where they will wear their clothes. we will prepare them for the cold of our children, especially during the winter months or when the air is cold

Incorporating various accessories on the model while providing our children with such protection from the cold may be important details that attract children, and the child's choice to wear the child may be directed to the jaw.

How to Knit the Horse Leopard

1 medium thickness wool or ancestor rope, accessory buttons, chain and emblem, 3 and 4 numbered stitches. 1 upside down and 1 flat knit up to the queue. The second row must be knitted flat. The third row is again laid flat as 1 reverse 1. This continues until the arm is played.

Then the arm play is released. 4 are knitted and 2 loops are cut. The cut should be straight when cutting to the left. There are 8 loops and 5 hosos. When it is 34 cm, it is divided into 51 loops and 3 loops. The construction of horse mackerel starts with 3 loops for the front body and 1 row is knitted.

1 stitch is knitted 1 stitch is thrown. 1 row is woven and 1 row is increased. 11 loops then 5 right and 5 left to haros. In the middle, the sample starts. With the adjustment of the underarm and neck part according to the rear example, it will remain only to combine pieces.

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